Nick Oza: In the Field

Over the course of the fall semester, I had been trying to follow Nick out into the field and watch how he approaches an assignment. Due to the busy nature of both of our schedules, we were unable to link up.

I bean to work on a story about a group of undocumented students who were planning a bus trip to Washington DC to protest in front of Rep. John Boehner’s office. I had an opportunity to follow them to Washington and document their trip.

As the bus traveled through Oklahoma, I was talking to one of the group leaders who was coordinating press coverage for their arrival at Boehner’s office in the coming days. She mentioned that the Arizona Republic was sending Nick Oza to Washington to meet them and that he was going to travel back to Arizona on the bus.

I finally had my opportunity to work with Nick.

As the trip progressed, I began to sense friction between myself and a select few members of the group’s leadership. They attempted to use my being there as an opportunity to populate their facebook page, and were questioning my motives for the shots I was taking.

I did my best to brush this aside and remain focused on my task, produce an accurate reflection of the events that were about to unfold.

We finally arrived in DC and met up with Nick in the hallways of Boehner’s office building.

We exchanged pleasantries then began to work. I was primarily shooting video, while Nick quickly switched between video and stills.

After I got all the coverage I needed, I began to follow Nick. The group spent three days praying in front of Boehner’s office, which limited our opportunity for visuals.

I spoke to Nick about the issue I was having with the group. Nick told me I needed thicker skin, and to remind myself why I was there. I was there to tell a story, not be their friend.


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