2012 Filmstock Film Festival selection for Best Sound Design

Dead Man’s Hand 2012, Filmstock Film Festival.

Dead Man’s Hand Sound Team
Erin Patrick O’Connor- Sound Designer, Foley Artist
Alex Quitugua- Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Foley Artist
Kile Stumbo- Boom Operator

Filmstock Film Festival selection for best sound design, 2012
“Dead Man’s Hand”

Dead Man’s Hand Theatrical Trailer, 2011
film by Tyson Smith, City Morgue Productions


Fake it until you make it

Learning all of the tips and tricks of music production and sound design is one thing, but knowing how to market yourself and make money is a completely different beast.  David Campose shares his thoughts on how to market yourself in his clip “fake it until you make it.”  Sage advice.

For more tutorials, visit Computer Recording Software.

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Reverse Reverb Explained

Regardless of what system you are using, reverse reverb is a useful mixing technique that can produce an element you can use when breaking down a scene.  Composer David Campos breaks down how to construct a reverse reverb effect.

For those of you who are interested in music production, I recommend that you check out David Campos’ blog Computer recording Software.

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